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Jenn ReayWe love our family photos taken by Sara. She really has a talent for capturing special moments - I was stunned at how beautiful the photos were. My 2.5 year old is definitely not easy to photograph and we are so happy with the results. Thank you!

Cherrie RamoneSara we couldn’t have been more please with our photo session. I have a hubby that hates having a photo taken and a toddler that’s FULL of energy. Sara’s fantastic sense of humor and relaxed style put us all at ease. The photos are wonderful and the hubby has agreed to do it again in the future. Great Job Sara!

Elizabeth GrundonThank you Sara for such amazing photo's from the Lazy Daisy's Cafe photo shoot on Family Day. The girls loved being photographed by you as you always make them feel at home. Bruce and I are really looking forward to receiving the prints and showing them off to our family and friends. Keep up the great work!

Jeanette ReesSara, I just wanted to thank you for the amazing shots of my family. They are more than I could have ever expected. You have a talent at catching the simple things on film. I also couldn't have gone through this process without you, you arepatient, understanding and a superb 'teacher'. Yes, I was one of those clients who had no idea what to expect and you put me and my family at ease! I can't wait to work with you again. Thanks for everything, especially capturing our daughter Sadie's beauty and innocence. It will live on our wall forever! xo Jeanette

Shannon TurnbullWe are so happy with the family portraits Sara did for us. The photo session was relaxed and enjoyable, and the final products were beautiful. I was amazed how light the standout prints are, and it was easy to put them right up on the wall. My sister commented that she really captured our son's personality, and it's so true. Thanks Sara!

Tara Chisolm- Thank you so much for the print donation for my son's preschool auction fundraiser. It received quite a few bids. I was extremely impressed with the quality of the print (that metalic paper is amazing!) and the quick delivery. You are the best!

Whitney Kerr - Having seen many examples of Sara's beautiful composition, I'm not remotely surprised that the print I received (as part of the Prints for the Cure) was beautiful. I love it!However, every time I pass the print, now hanging framed in my home, I am continually thrilled with the quality of the materials Sara uses. The "Endura Metallic ...VC Paper" gives the already stunning image added depth and dimension. Sara is not only a wonderful photographer, the love of her craft shows through every aspect of her work.

Tara Ouimet-Richardson - My Print for the CURE is awesome. I love my print & the quality is top-notch! Thank you so much for adding a bit of elegance to my bedroom. I love it : )

Melissa Walker Hudson - I love my Print for the CURE photo too. Wonderful that it was for charity and a chance to support my favourite photographer too! Sara took some wonderful photos of my boys many years ago that are still hanging in my office and at home. I look forward to having a real photo session with her some day soon.

Chris McKinnon - I purchased a print for your Print for the CURE fundraiser and we were very happy with the quality of the print. It arrived very quickly and now hangs on the wall in our favourite room of the house. Excellent work!

Cheryl-Lynn Roberts - I received a set of cards. They arrived wrapped with a nice ribbon, it looked like a gift!! The cards are so beautiful that hesitate to send them out as they are nice enough to frame...honestly, in the past 6 months I could only part with one. The texture of the paper is high quality as well. You're a real pro, Sara!

Sherri Moore - We applaud Sara Desjardins Photography for supporting the Ontario Building Officials 2010 Breast Cancer Fundraiser. An impressive $25,000 was raised, for a record year. This was made possible by the generous support of our sponsors who chose to get involved and make a difference! Thank you Sara!

Jenn Reay - Sara did a mini shoot for my family on my first Mother's Day! I was so impressed with the photos she took, and I think it was the interesting poses she thought of and her relaxed manner that made the results so good! We love our photos and have given them as gifts to our family, who love them as well. Thanks!!

Kelly Gagnier - Sara is patient and waits for the perfect time to take the photo. She entertains the little children and gets them to smile. Her pictures have superb lighting and she goes out of her way to snap in front of flattering backgrounds.

Prue Chambers -Sara, you did a wonderful job at making the three of us present for the shoot feel totally relaxed and then taking excellent photos for us to keep to celebrate the event. Thank you! Prue

Louise Longo - "Sara takes time to get the great shot...whatever it takes, be it lighting, or the many other tricks of her trade...She's good with people who are self -conscious...which is certainly me and I do appreciate what she knows and how she puts it into action. tks Sara :)"

Naomi Miller - "Sara got some great pictures of my family, capturing the affection between my daughters, and their sense of constant motion. Her pics made great gifts for the Grandparents-- especially because her pricing structure made it EASY to give the right picture to the right family member, even when that meant changing my mind several times at the last minute. Thanks for a great Christmas, Sara!"

Chris Grech - "Sara has done a fantastic job with my headshots. She managed to make the experience painless (as painless can be when getting headshots done) and fun! The shots turned out great and she took great time and detail getting them as good as they could be! Really worthwhile experience with Sara and if I ever need any more shots done for anything I know where I'm going ;)"

Sandra Downard - "Thanks so much for the photos of Darius. The one that I chose was actually mistaken for a picture that came with the frame!!Thanks again for using her as the photo on this Facebook page. Makes us blush!"

Cindy Kelly - "We are so happy with our beautiful family portraits! From start to finish we had a great experience with Sara. Our kids became restless quite quickly and Sarah skillfully managed to take some great shots even though they weren’t totally cooperative. She was very patient and made us feel really comfortable.I am so glad to have these wonderful photos. Our family is growing and changing so fast and I really feel that Sara’s photos have captured the personalities of my little ones. I’d highly recommend Sara to anyone looking to have family portraits taken."

Yuri George Jan Pool - "As the Executive Producer of the McCartney Years, it was very important for me, as well as for the production, to find a professional photographer with a great eye for detail to shoot the band, as the world views us through the lens of a photographer.Sara checked all the boxes. She’s patient, has a professional attitude, is easy to communicate with, and not only takes the pictures, but also makes numerous suggestions, which were extremely helpful, seeing I don’t carry the extensive knowledge Sara has.We were able to do all the shots I desired, as well as a number of other shots Sara suggested. In fact, our #1 promo shot we use to promote the band was originally suggested by Sara.I will most definitely ask Sara in the future for new projects."Yuri George Jan PoolExecutive ProducerThe McCartney Years

Leanne Dwinnell - "Sara’s pictures always make a person look GREAT ...she’s fun to work with and very creative. Always prepared with ideas of what she wants out of the shoot but open to any input and willing to try anything. I love being involved and when i see the finished product they look so awesome i hardly believe they’re really me !"

Janice Swiercz - "I had a great experience with Sara in her studio ... I was asked to represent Winter and we came up with some great ideas. I got great reviews from friends and family on the photos....Sara is very creative and has great vision and ideas. A pleasure to work with."

Matt Empacher - "I’m a notoriously stiff subject, but Sara had me loosend up, laughing and singing (yes, singing) within minutes.The pictures looked great and perfectly capture me as a performer. The black and white shots are a great way to help people “see the music.”Let’s face it, in the age of digital photography EVERYONE fancy’s themselve a photographer, but Sara has a geninue skill. If you’re thinking of going with a cheap “point and click” guy, think again. Sara can see the world through her camera’s view finder!"

Rachel Greenwood - "Sara planned and executed some amazing photos of our family that truly captured our love of each other, as well as our unique family dynamic. She managed to keep us busy and entertained, so that neither our 5 year old autistic son, nor our 3 1/2 year old daughter were bored or restless. The results are amazing, and something that we will cherish for years to come.I look forward to more family photo shoots in the future, and would never consider doing them with anyone but Sara."